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It need not be a huge job to create a garden and take care of it. With relatively simple means, you can fix a... How to create a paradise :: Gardening tips 5

It need not be a huge job to create a garden and take care of it. With relatively simple means, you can fix a green paradise home.

Garden work may need structure and a timetable helps to keep track of us. The first task is to find out how much time you want to be in the garden and customise the culture thereafter. If you want to cultivate edible but not have so much time and energy should skip the vegetable and instead focus on the bushes as currants, gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries. Or why not revsmultron and rhubarb? These crops are almost self-minders. You can thus harvest and cultivate edible, but the selection is tailored to how you live and how much time you have for gardening.

The second task is to learn to keep time. I myself have been forced to set aside a certain time for how long I can work in the garden. Actually, it’s my family who made this, because I as a new garden owners never came in the evening.

turf garden

Put green goals

Nowadays I time 20:00 on weekdays and 18:00 on weekends. When the bell is struck, I go in and washes of my grimy hands, rub them with good-smelling lotion and enjoying what I accomplished during the day.

Ask yourself the question: “What do I want with my garden. Remember that the garden is for your needs and there is no right or wrong. You are your own artist. Looking for garden gnomes in rebate, you should have it.If you just want yellow roses – have only yellow roses. Anxiety does not belong in your own garden.


Always think long term

The garden change with the times, both for how your life changes, but also every after flowers, trees and shrubs grow. Think long term when you builds, both for the generations to come, for example, by planting trees, but also for the near future. Perhaps the pool could serve as skateboard ramp when children are young? Or skip the stairs and have sloping passages that everyone can move at any age.

I want the garden to be a part of my artistry and a bit like an ongoing painting. But it will also serve as an extension of my home where houses and land becomes a whole that adapts to my family’s needs and wishes. When the children were small was the garden of their play, with large lawn and secret passages during ornamental bushes. Now the lawn smaller, growing sites and more free-standing shrubs.

For me, garden of passion. An autumn when I was about to pick up all the garden furniture for the season and stood tied up in knots on the hammock struck me that that summer, I had not even once rested in the hammock and enjoying the sun’s rays strained down through the apple trees’ foliage. Every time I was on my way to the hammock, I came on the things that should be fixed. Garden work is infinite; there is always something to do, trim, cut, rake or planted. This is a bit of fascination with the garden. But when instead the opposite effect – that instead of relaxing, getting stressed, then it is time to do something about it.

An area at a time

So how I regained control? I made a simple sketch of my garden, that helps me to focus on one area at a time. To make it really concrete rings I in the area I will work with that particular evening / weekend. Then you can not cheat. An outline also helps if the garden to be constructed from scratch.

I work myself then methodically through these areas, such as the front flower beds, gravel paths, lawn or hedge. Each area has its full attention in both time and effort. It is vital that you stick to the plan and not allow themselves to be tempted to start cutting the grass when you “agreed” time with discounts up front.

The clothing makes all the difference

Straw hat or not, I think that good work clothing is not just for professionals but equally important for the hobby grower. I often joke that my office is on the inside of my closet, office, then my work pants and apron. The advantage of working trousers, apron or belt is that these will help to keep track of all the small garden tools. All you need is always close at hand. It is the task of the pockets. In these, make sure to have tying cable (so that when for the umpteenth time stuck in the rose quickly tie it up), secateurs, planting spade, mobile phone and weeds iron. This is what you need easily accessible when you are in the garden.

Good investing in is also a pair of knee pads, for much of the garden work is done kneeling.Knee saving both body and back. Personally, I have realised that I’d rather crawl out of the flower beds go, as kneepads are so comfortable.


The garden tools decides

How many garden tools do you really need to take care of their garden and what? We all have different needs and our gardens are different. For some perhaps one should bet on a spit rather than a trowel, and in another hand a small pruning shears instead of a branch saw. Let the Garden determine simply. With the right choice of tools simplify the work in the garden. I myself have a few tools, the number is completely adapted to the tasks I perform.


Consider this:

  • How much time do I devote to my garden? Much or not so much.
  • Customise your dreams into reality.
  • Figure out what you want to use the garden.
  • Have fun while working in the garden! Make sure you have nice clothes and utensils – it helps.
  • Make a sketch of how you want it
  • Worker facilitates the work
  • Use the right tools

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