The reason that the company’s digital strategy fails The reason that the company’s digital strategy fails
Everyone knows that the digital development continues apace and will fundamentally break through in the whole society. Businesses will disappear and new industries will... The reason that the company’s digital strategy fails

Everyone knows that the digital development continues apace and will fundamentally break through in the whole society. Businesses will disappear and new industries will emerge. Many have difficulty understanding why they in their digital strategy to invest in digital marketing and then one can justifiably ask the supplementary question why they have a website at all. Read on Defining effective KPI’s for digital marketing.

Marketing as a discipline has evolved dramatically in recent years due to technological leap – and the associated changes in media habits. Digital marketing is complex, there are a variety of technical terms and techniques that marketers need to master. Some may think that search engine optimization is all about digital advertising, which they rightly are exhausted around, you might think that it is about nonsense alternative rogue telemarketers, or is it that the SEO industry has an undeserved reputation?

Most major companies have an IT strategy, a media strategy, and a marketing plan. What made me pensive is the lack of interest in SEO, as a qualified veteran in SEO expressed it – people seem to not really care about search engine optimization. One example is Volkswagen took to the Council by Alexander Bard not to invest in search engine optimization with the right frightening results.

Large parts of the top management are generalists with difficulty to understand the jargon of technical marketing. An SEO specialist can examine your site without having access to the company’s internal tools. Almost all the sites examined, one can find major problems, leading among other things to the company losing sales. If they have never previously worked with SEO, it is possible in most cases to increase the number of visitors to the corporate website – ie Organic Traffic – by between 20-150% in a few months – which should obviously be interesting for most companies.

If a site has more than 50 000 technical problems, it means that a large part of their site is not displayed, and they are not getting their message if they are not compensated through other channels (such as PR). Poor link building or that they do not focus on the right keywords also mean missed business opportunities because the sites are not displayed optimally. Some export companies flout their websites does eventually deteriorate competitiveness and a society that loses its economic viability.

Digital Marketing Fail

Why are companies not interested in going into the depth of its digital strategy?

I had an epiphany when I listened to a lecture where a bunch of visionaries and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley talked about threats to the digital development for the next 10 years.  Phil McKinney who has been CTO of HP and  Host of the Killer Innovations Podcast talked about corporate Antibodies  which too often is a major reason for business development and innovation fail.

Corporate antibodies are people who are in principle selected to protect the company’s business ideas, you can find them both in large and small companies or departments. They are recruited because they fit in and have worked on similar tasks before. They guard their own position, external strategies are also seen as a threat rather than an opportunity if they do not get to be with and control strategy. Consequently, the question every need of change and it is important to include them in the vision and the strategy.

To succeed in the change process must have leadership and senior support groups, otherwise little will happen because it is about creating new processes, or marketing methods. Talking with a young webmaster who does not have the power to decide over their budgets – who also want to keep their jobs at all costs – poses a great risk that the strategy does not reach the executive group.

Can the underlying problem of people’s preferences for new strategies and ideas – such as SEO in my case – it will be easy to dismiss the innovations that we have too strong a belief in our own opinion, alternatively, the status quo as to say that digital marketing is the same thing marketing and is about brand building. Or it may move on cynicism to new influences in the traditional businesses?

“Corporate eats strategy for lunch”

A selection of the comments we have received from some companies that we know has a need for search engine optimization and the response that we thought to send, but we never sent. All of these companies and organizations are big businesses.

  •  Regarding SEO, we are aware of the problem that we do not rank on some keywords but we have only trademark search, and thus we do not want to take  the investment to fix it.  Just work with varumärkessök a narrow definition of how you can attract customers online and it is estimated that 84% of all organizations see brand awareness as its main goal of content marketing. But we see that when looking at your company name, you will see lots of negative writings about your company. How do you think it affects your sales – if it affects 10-20% of your turnover on the net so you lose a lot of money – right?
  • SEO is not interesting for us because we only focus on B2B marketplace.
    So you mean that the B2B market does not use the Internet when seeking information about your products?Right in the B2B market is the biggest reason to work with the search engine optimization if you want to develop your business, get more qualified readers and acquire new customers. 
  • I am aware that we have a lot to do to get better visibility. Something we work both internally and with external providers and web agency so right now it is not up to date for a meeting.
    Your current web agency booked a meeting with us where they tried to pump us on the methods and tools that we have used to identify problems.  to have a digital strategy is the biggest risk for the company and digital marketing, which involves much more than having a graphic profile on the web.


Some of the worst examples of companies that should have shown greater interest in search engine optimization

A very large trade organization
We saw that they had failed in their migration and lost all visibility on Google. Contacted them in May, but they showed no interest in how to make an SEO migration because their web agency had said that it was natural and they would show through like that for 3 months. When I checked the site after six months, they still had no visibility (see picture). The paradox is that this is a company that represents the technology company!

Mighty big companies selling drugs
I have tried to come to visit the marketing of almost half a year and I saw that they had lost very many visitors to its competitors. I have spoken with the CEO as sausage me to the marketing but not managed to get to a meeting. I spent half a year to come to visit before I finally gave up. The company hires one of the largest media agencies that do a poor job of search engine optimization even if they use the top notch SEO tools. I wonder what the media agency will charge you for their bad search engine optimization?

A trade association in the pharmaceutical industry,
an organization representing the pharmaceutical company which is an industry of the future. Sent a friendly message informing that they had blocked the entire site from Google because it was configured incorrectly! I thought that they must be interested in Search Engine Optimization – the site also had lots of other problems and had bad information structure. Made contact with her who was in charge was at a conference in Boston and she thanked for my email – but search engine optimization was not interesting either for her or her members.

A very large company that sells trucks
We found more than 60 000 technical errors and sent an email to the marketing manager as I did not get answers to. The company ranks very poorly in several of their keywords. I wonder how many developers they are inside and built on the site. You do not sell many vehicles to invest in search engine optimization would be worthwhile.

Do you recognize the problem?

Some trust their web agency but for the web, an agency does SEO and quality assurance is often something that takes time and also costs money if they are to have the skills in-house. In some quotes, they might prioritize search engine optimization to bring down the price offered.

A web design agency or IT company gives priority to win their own quotes and then the search engine something that at best will in the end or not at all devote many seconds each. Search engine optimization does not have to cost a lot of money – if you focus on the right things and we often work together with agencies.

Do you have a reliance on your own decision?
Unfortunately, the attitude of CIO’s and marketing managers that companies do not see the opportunities that are right under your nose at them – which means lower sales and the company is not a positive development, which in turn implies a downward spiral. So if you work in a company examine yourself and watch out so you do not have become that the antibody that can destroy the company and look instead to engage you to drive traffic to your site!

Today it might work to say no to the search engine optimization but the question is how it will look in 10 years for the company – the alternative is that you sit on another job and continue to monitor your own interests and what fun is that?

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