Modern SEO to build brand awareness Modern SEO to build brand awareness
SEO design and brand Too much time is spent on the web in comparison to SEO design. The graphic on a website, the surface... Modern SEO to build brand awareness

SEO design and brand

Too much time is spent on the web in comparison to SEO design.

The graphic on a website, the surface is very important how we experience a website, but the underlying SEO design is important. Unfortunately, it is very common to lose a lot of visitors and leads when a website is done because if it does not take height for SEO.

The graphical and there you see a website is like an iceberg – most are hidden under the water. But what exactly is the point of having a website that is sleek and sexy if it does not have any visitors?

Use modern SEO to build brand awareness

The brand is very important for your SEO. Is there a strong brand has often several links to the site. But a well-established and well-known brand also means more clicks and directly increases which in turn means better results. There is much to suggest that a high CTR in itself affect the search results.

Another goal of a website is to create a web design and user experience that encourages visitors to find your website but also get the user to remain on the site. A website should have a clean layout, professional design and be easy to create new and unique content. A modern website user gets to remain on the site so they do not directly go back to Google search results, ie, a short click . If your business website needs SEO and brand awareness there are very few SEO consults can help you  on both issues. KingFisher SEO & Branding agency can do that.

There are plenty of tips for those who want to design your website for SEO
There are conflicts in using too many graphics while creating a site that loads quickly.

Make sure to create a hierarchy of your content and menus and internal link structure interact.
Browse the Google Search Consol how your content structure looks
Check the Google Page Speed Insights , so that the site loads quickly. From the service, you can also download optimized pictures.

SEO Branding agency

User Design is everything.

If you can not afford or the expertise to design a good looking website make sure to buy a professional theme in WordPress – you can find them for example on ThemeForest . Read through to the theme works well for SEO and contains few technical errors. Adaptations of WordPress theme is relatively cheap.

Navigation and internal link structure

content should be unique, clear and able to be accessed anywhere. on your site. But these internal links also help search engines to get a better idea of which pages on your site are most important. Create internal links to important pages. Internal links help users find more information


Avoid ads at the top of the page.

Some practical tips about your SEO Design

  • Use web fonts
  • Use breadcrumbs so it’s easy to see where you are – they also give you links to the pages
  • Be careful with javascript that search engines sometimes have trouble interpreting
  • Make sure to have a site map that is, an HTML sitemap and a conventional sitemap
  • Make sure to compress CSSs, images, and javascript
  • Use no follow to the paid links.
  • Let contact information be visible and accessible.
  • Have sides for privacy policy and about us so we can see who the sender is.
  • Finally, make sure to do user testing with heat maps, and an interface that minimizes bad bounce rate
  • Have external links to sites with high credibility
  • Make sure to use 301 redirects to: or to any amendments of the site


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