Ecommerce trends for 2017 – What the experts predict
What will happen in ecommerce in 2017? Ecommerce is moving fast and one thing is for sure, lots will happen in the ecommerce space in 2017 when it comes to both consumer shopping expectations and ecommerce software platforms. Here in this post we are going to go through (in... Read more
The reason that the company’s digital strategy fails
Everyone knows that the digital development continues apace and will fundamentally break through in the whole society. Businesses will disappear and new industries will emerge. Many have difficulty understanding why they in their digital strategy to invest in digital marketing and then one can justifiably ask the supplementary question... Read more
Modern SEO to build brand awareness
SEO design and brand Too much time is spent on the web in comparison to SEO design. The graphic on a website, the surface is very important how we experience a website, but the underlying SEO design is important. Unfortunately, it is very common to lose a lot of... Read more
The brand that auctioned the www: eBay
Auctioning on the internet wasn’t really a feature that caught one’s attention. One could doubt its credibility, the safety of disclosing your identity and most importantly, the reliability of making an online transaction. Few portals have been able to arrest the eyes of the online generation as well as... Read more